Relative Clause (B. 376)

Example sentences

The steak that Mr. Tanaka ate was expensive.
Do you know a restaurant which has good steak (literally: in which steak is good)?
The teacher who is teaching Japanese is Professor Kobayashi.
Please tell me of a person who is good at tennis.
There are three students whose fathers are doctors.
There was no hospital in the town where I lived.
The school where Michiko is going is in Tokyo.
Is this the camera with which Steve took pictures of you?


(i) {V/Adjective い} informal+Noun  
  {話/話した} A person who (will) talks/talked
  {高/高かった} A book which is/was expensive
(ii) Adjective な stem {だった} Noun  
  {静か/静かだった} A house which is/was quiet
(iii) Noun {/だった/である/であった} Noun  
  {先生/先生である} 田中さん Mr. Tanaka (,) who is a teacher
  {先生だった/先生であった} 田中さん Mr. Tanaka (,) who was a teacher