(I. 358)

Example sentences

A: I wonder if I can get a job. B: Sure you can.
A: You cannot read Japanese, right? B: Yeah, sure I can.
Life is something like a long journey.
How come I can't drink sake?
A: 今日の日本語のテストは難しいかな。B: いや、難しくない
A: I wonder if today's Japanese test is difficult. B: No, it's not difficult, I tell you.
A: このスーツケース、持てるかな。B: 持てる
A: I wonder if I can carry this suitcase. B: I'm sure you can.
A: お前は車を買う金なんかないよな。B: いや、ある
A: You don't have money to buy a car with, do you? B: Sure I do.
A:ニューヨークの一人歩きは危ないだろう。B: いや、大丈夫
A: Walking alone in New York City must be unsafe! B: No, it's safe, you know.
A: この問題、君には解けないと思うよ。B: こんなもの、易しい
A: I bet you can't solve this math problem. B: This is a cinch, you know.
Such is life, you know.
Work and failure go together, you know.
How come you don't understand such a simple thing?
A:僕は大学に行くのを諦めたよ。B: 何を言っているの
A: I've given up the idea of going to college, you know. B: What are you talking about?


(i) {V/Adjective い}informal
{食べる/食べた}Someone eats/ate it, you know
{やさしい/やさしかった}Something is/was easy, you know
(ii) {Adjective な/Noun}{Ø/だった}
{元気/元気だった}Someone is/was healthy, you know
{学生/学生だった}Someone is/was a student, you know
(iii) Wh-word ~
どうして食べないのWhy don’t you eat it?
(iv) Noun Phrase
これはお茶This is tea, you know