(I. 464)

Example sentences

Yukio is very happy that he can buy a house next year.
(internal monologue): Wondering if the museum is open I called them.
With the intention of playing tennis (literally: Thinking that I will play tennis) I went out, but on my way it started to rain.
I felt at ease, thinking that my father still looked healthy, but suddenly he began to grow weak.
Foreign language proficiency develops from words to sentences, from sentences to paragraphs, and then from paragraphs to complex paragraphs.
My friend looked sad, saying that a cat, which she kept for a long time, had died.
He is worried that he may have cancer.
That student felt chagrined that he could almost get 100 points.
Thinking that this would be the last time to see her, I felt lonely.
Wondering what the strange noise was, I went outside, but it was nothing.
I came straight home, thinking that I would not drink tonight.
Thinking that I should complete the paper before the end of the year, I am right now doing my very best.
I came here intending to thank him, but I just talked about something else, and forgot to thank him.
I thought it would make a small improvement to my body, so I am taking walks these days.
I forgot my homework so I feared that I might be scolded by my teacher.
In Japan the four seasons are of approximately equal length, in such a way that spring is from March through May, summer from June through August, autumn from September through November, and winter from December through February.


(i) {V/Adjective(い/な)}informal(思って/言って) Verb of psychology
読める(思って/言って)嬉しがっているSomeone is happy thinking/saying that s/he can read it
面白い(思って/言って)喜んでいるSomeone is happy thinking/saying that something is interesting
便利だ(思って/言って)嬉しがっているSomeone is happy thinking/saying that something is convenient
(ii) Sentence (internal monologue) (思って)
もう会うまい、縁を切ったThinking that someone would not see someone else, he severed the relationship
映画でも見に行こうかな、出かけたWondering if I should go see a movie I left home
(iii) Vvolitional(思って/して)
食べよう(思って/して) Thinking that s/he would eat it
(iv) {V/Adjective(い/な)}informal (conjectural) (思って)
来ないだろう(思って) Thinking that s/he might not come
うまらないかもしれない(思って) Thinking that something might be boring
元気だろう(思って) Thinking that someone might be healthy
(v) NounParticle Noun, …NounParticle Noun(そして)NounParticle(いう{よう/風}に)Verb
男は二階、女は一階(いう{よう/風}に)部屋を分けるSomeone divides the rooms in such a way that men are placed upstairs and women in the first floor